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    International Center of Photography Wants Your Images of the Pandemic

    So far, the images have a range: A woman wearing a mask and blue plastic gloves. Empty streets. A pair of dogs in a...

    Photo Of The Day By Garry Everett

    By Staff Updated March 31, 2020Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Liquid Light” by Garry Everett. Location: Yosemite Valley, California.“Early-morning light on the...
    Photo By Jessica Nelson

    Photo Of The Day By Jessica Nelson

    By Staff Updated March 30, 2020Photo By Jessica NelsonToday’s Photo Of The Day is “Tetons” by Jessica Nelson. Location: Moose, Wyoming.Photo of the...
    Macro Background Tips

    6 Creative Macro Background Tips

    Make your macro images pop by controlling the background Text & Photography By Russ Burden Updated March 30, 2020I primarily photograph wildlife. This...
    Photo By Marcel Fagin

    Photo Of The Day By Marcel Fagin

    By Staff Updated March 29, 2020Photo By Marcel FaginToday’s Photo Of The Day is “White Rhino Family” by Marcel Fagin. Location: South Africa.“A...
    Photo By Stan Bysshe

    Photo Of The Day By Stan Bysshe

    By Staff Updated March 28, 2020Photo By Stan ByssheToday’s Photo Of The Day is “Blue Wave” by Stan Bysshe. Location: Curacao.Nikon D2Xs, 10-17mm...

    2019 Great Outdoors Photo Contest Finalists

    By Staff Published March 27, 2020We received more than 600 submissions to the 2019 Great Outdoors Photo Contest. The contest drew an exceptional...
    Photo By Linn Smith

    Photo Of The Day By Linn Smith

    By Staff Updated March 27, 2020Photo By Linn SmithToday’s Photo Of The Day is “Contending Rivals” by Linn Smith. Location: Oviedo, Florida.“Vying for...

    Canon EOS 90D Review For Nature And Wildlife

    Every photographer views new products in personal terms: How will this camera, lens or accessory help me to achieve my photographic goals? When you’ve...

    Motion Blur Assignment Winner Terrence Trevias

    By Staff Published March 26, 2020Congratulations to Terrence Trevias for winning the recent Motion Blur Assignment with the image, “In A Hurry.”View the...

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